Halloween was awful for the second year in a row here

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy November!

Halloween was awful for the second year in a row here. The neighborhood Parade was canceled and it was truly sad. We were rained out (and I’m talkin’ tropical Florida rain!) again..sigh…. BUT Lilly did not let that stop her from her first real Trick or Treating. She didn’t “get it” at first but by house # 4, she was in Heaven. So we got a bit soggy but my lil’ tennis player had a dentist’s nightmare of loot when she got home. (See pics below)

She is adjusting to school more. She has some awesome stuff packed into her day: Spanish, Art, Music and Science. I go in almost weekly to volunteer to do something. I sliced bananas with the kids in her class last week. It was fun to match the face with the names I often hear at home.  I sent some photos taken of Lilly at school here also.

She is getting so big. I just signed her up for gymnastics. So now she will have swim, dance and gymnastics, but that’ll be it for awhile.

I am still with FLVS. It’ll be 18 months soon. I am applying for other positions within the company but want the salary to match the title I apply for. I am pretty happy though.

Our next trip is to New York City right before Christmas.

I sent some photos below; including one of Mario and I from his Halloween Birthday Bash in SoBe this past Saturday night. I know.. we look ridiculous. We are Magenta and Rocky Horror from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We have a group shot but it was censored….shhhh.. We looked pretty silly, but very original!

Love you all, Lisa and Lilly

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